Individual Support

MYS offers support to young people to address everyday challenges and to help them to achieve their goals. The MYS team provides information and guidance on school/study, employment, accommodation, health and well-being as well as addressing personal and family issues. Young people can drop in to chat with the MYS team during the week or during drop-in afternoons Wed to Frid. Come and chat to MYS staff anytime.


After School Programs

Support programs focusing on healthy relationships, AOD harm reduction programs, mentoring and school support. After school programs include sports and healthy lifestyle activities.


MYS recognises that employment is important to most people yet acknowledges the challenges and barriers many migrant and refugee young people face in finding a job. MYS has developed an innovative employment program which links work experience with employment opportunities.This approach has been quite successful as it incorporates workplace language training relevant to each workplace. We also offer a driver education program.


MYS works with communities to help initiate life-skills programs and activities identified by communities as beneficial to people in the community. MYS has an active outreach program to engage with young people in their familiar locations including regular visits to schools, colleges, CIT/TAFE and universities.


The Multicultural Playgroup is an opportunity for young parents and their children to engage with others and learn about parenting and child development as well as for children to develop social skills.

Holiday Program

MYS Holiday Program presents a range of activities including excursions, movies, sports and special activities.  Follow our Facebook page for a copy of the program and regular updates.


MYS Drop-In is on Wed - Frid for young people to meet and chat with the MYS team. Drop-In has a variety of activities including recreational activities, lifeskills workshops and computers for homework or job search, 

Group Sessions

Group sessions provide information and develop life skills, relationships, leadership, self-esteem and employment, in partnership with local youth services.